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In the event that you are a crew member on the ship and have experienced an accident which has left you in pain, report it to your supervisor or the security department as soon as possible.

Reporting the accident means it is written into the accident log book and a record of the accident is noted.

This report is needed should you need to file a claim later. Always ask for a copy of the written report. Once you’re back on dry land, your cruise ship injury attorneys will want to examine it to determine if you have a valid claim against the cruise line. The written report will assist the attorneys and their investigators to assure the cruise line was negligent, and therefore assure that your medical expenses are paid for, as well as compensation for your pain and suffering.

All cruise ships must have public liability and employers’ liability insurance covering them in cases like these.

Your tickets have been purchased. Your passport has been renewed. Your bags are packed. You’re ready to head off on that dream vacation aboard a cruise ship, where you’ll enjoy days and evenings of dining on gourmet delights, relishing great entertainment, and snapping pictures at world-class ports of call. It all sounds like a dream come true.

But, like with any vacation, accidents can happen despite all the precautions you may take. Statistics show 200 people have fallen overboard in the past 13 years. But being prepared and knowing what to do in case of an accident can make a huge difference. That’s why it’s important for accident victims (passengers or crew members) to contact cruise ship injury attorneys immediately!

Whether you fall overboard, slip in the shower of your cabin, or fall during a power outage, you should always report the accident to the captain.

There are other steps you need to take to solidify your case. Take photos. Photographing the area where the accident happened can assist the cruise ship injury attorneys and their investigators have a clear image of what happened. The photograph can also hold key details of negligence on the part of the cruise ship. It is also necessary for you to acquire any and all contact information of eyewitnesses to your accident.

Witness’ statements are a valuable source when filing any claims. Also, make sure you seek the assistance of the onboard medical doctor. Most of the larger cruise ships will have a ship hospital, others offer a medical professional. The doctor will be able to determine the injuries you have suffered and either treat you onboard or, in extreme cases, have you airlifted to the nearest hospital.

Finally, the most important thing to know is not to sign anything! Often the cruise ship will try and get you to sign a document detailing your injuries. Always remember, you have the right to waive signing any such documentation.

Following these steps in the event of an accident onboard a cruise ship can help ensure you are duly compensated for any injuries sustained aboard the vessel. The more information gathered, the more likely you’ll have a more solid case, should you decide to file a claim against the cruise ship company.

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